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Winter Blues Music Festival 2017

Winter Blues Music Festival 2017 in the town of Echuca, Victoria, Australia. I’m on my way there now.. @ Echuca, Victoria  

A Real friend birthday

The beautiful girl on the right, It was her birthday that day.. this is my present to her. I’ve given her my contact card.. hope she connects at least to collect this! Be there for your friends who seem to fine and chirpy on the outside.. but are really struggling to connect with others at a deeper level. Be with your friend when he/she is going through good times.. or the bad… primarily, just to be of silent support (not to keep giving advices like I’m doing right now) and to ‘share the moment/phase’. Relationships are about shared moments.. either the ones...


What do we humans, base our cognitive decisions on? Claims? We are capable of claiming anything about our abilities.. I happened to in an interviewing panel once and for the first time recognised how those applying for that advertised role ‘claimed’ to be good at time management where as in reality, they came late for the interview; to be good at teaching & training, where as in reality they struggled to explain their day-to-day work process when asked as an interview question; to be a person of integrity, where as in reality they didn’t think twice about not badmouthing their...

Does anybody know his name

Does anybody know his name? I spoke to him only .. oh wait, correction: he initiated and said to me something that came across like being very confident, comfortable & welcoming as if he’s got the right to.. all in a matter of 7 seconds, after I asked to turn towards me once again for a quick shot, just when he was about to leave footy ground. Hats off sir!  Some have in them that most others these days lack: Charisma.

Amazing Love

She was sad and seemed upset a minute before this moment.. + Watching the crowds from a short distance, I pointed to my friend Ben (a friend I made in Lake Bolac Eel Festival) this girl being doted by her boyfriend in an attempt to make her feel loved and said: “It’s for people like this that I come and take photos for, it’s my chance to make them smile”.. while still saying those words, I went over to the couple and asked if she’s fine.. she lightened up and smiled.. I said to her, “you look beautiful even when you’re...

“What’s going on?

“What’s going on?” That’s the basic question we all have.. as 4 non blondes sang: “And so I wake in the morning And I step outside And I take a deep breath and I get real high And I scream from the top of my lungs What’s going on? And I say, hey yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah I said hey, what’s going on?” Yes, this is a candid shot! And of course, I approached this gentleman right after and showed him this photo, took his permission to post this shot and have my contact card.. just in case, he’s...

She Smiled

She smiled.. that’s a reason enough for me to approach someone and ask if they’d allow me to take their photo for their pleasure and my pride.



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